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Sunday, October 26, 2003
BIOS General meeting held today (25 october 2003)...

BIOS general meeting held today. Main focus was "How BIOS can run with its regular activities more effectively and make Open Source Software developers involved with it".

২৫ তারিখের মিটিং - এর সারাংশ:

- সারওয়ার প্রতি সপ্তাহে বাযোসে যারা অন্তত: একবার ও এসেছিল তাদেরকে ফোন করে কিংবা মেইল করে যোগাযোগ করতে পারে, এবং তাদেরকে বায়োসে আমন্ত্রণ জানাতে পারে। তাদের কাছ থেকে সাজেশন নিতে পারে।

- ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের শিক্ষক মোসাদ্দেক হোসেন তুষার বায়োসে কাজ করার ব্যাপারে খুবই আগ্রহী ছিলেন। ওনাকে একটু নক্ করলেই কাজ শুরু করবেন।

- বিভিন্ন বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের গবেষণা পত্রগুলো সংগ্রহ করে দিমা, সাগর আগামী ৮ই নভেম্বর ২০০৩ বায়োসে জমা দেবেন।

Participants of the Meeting:

- Professor Raushan Ara Rashid
- Fokhruz Zaman
- Rahat Ayub
- Mridul Chowdhury
- Afzal Hossain Sarwar
- Anisur Rahman Tipu
- Ashraful Kabir Sagar
- Tazrian Khan Deema

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------------------------------------------------- Monday, September 01, 2003

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Rahat Ayub, Fokhruz Zaman, Ashraful Kabir Sagar and Tazrian Khan Deema went to BUET on 21/10/2003 to meet Bangla OCR members in BUET premise. The project is guided by Mr. Jalal Mahmud Rony, a dedicated teacher of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). So far we know this testing release of this software produced satisfactory performance as good as 80%.

We asked Mr. Jalal Mahmud Rony about the speciality and architecture of this Bangla OCR project. He replied that, though there were many similar attempts for Bangla OCR , all were Research works. He added that,the OCR will be the first ever Workable and usable OCR . The software is modularly designed. First module that processes images is known as "Preprocessing module". This module reduces differnt spots and noises in the image, and also corrects paper alignment problem. Then the pre-processed Image is gradually segmented from Paragraph, sentences, words to characters. These characters are "Normalized" and passed to "Character Recognition" module.
Currently the recognition system has 300+ character elements, in fact, glyph elements but this module could be trained to learn new characters.

The software is developed in two different platforms, and there will be two different released in Turbo C/C++ and Java. He announced that first release of Bangla OCR will be ready in 4 weeks. He uttered in confident voice that the project is planned from the beginning for open source release so that general people can use it". He told us, “Just after the first release of the executables, all source codes will be available in BIOS web portal". Mr. Jalal Mahmud Rony expressed that that he he alwasy appreciated cooperation offered to him for coding, but he could not add new team members for this release".

Sagar and Deema informed us that Dhaka University also has a successful OCR project almost complete but abandoned when the researchers left country for higher study. Sagar and Deema will publish previous research work as a part of their Research work collection project.

We are expecting tol receive a top level design document with flow chart and screen shots within a week. He wanted us to join their yahoo group. Now this is the time to wait for that successful release of this useful project.

Reported by Rahat Ayub

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

BIOS general meeting held yesterday (18 October 2003). Main focus was "Contact with the Open Source software developer and collect the Open Source project from them". Some tasks have been specified for those. A meeting will be held on 21st October 2003 at 5.00 pm between a team of BIOS and Jalal Mahmud Rony sir of BUET, venue: CSE department (Teachers’ Lab-3rd floor), BUET. Other general issues have been discussed also.
Last update:9:16 PM
Saturday, October 04, 2003
BIOS general meeting held today. Main focus was "Collection of University research work". We welcomed three Open Source software developers from Jahangir Nagar University. They will soon start working in collection of univerisity research papers. They will also look into other project prospects they can do with BIOS support.
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Monday, September 29, 2003
Meeting held on Open Office translation.
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